5 Reasons Why Cisco CCNA 200-301 Certification Exam Is What You Need

Cisco CCNA 200-301

Any IT certification is a demonstration of excellence and efficiency. It is also an indication of your ability to manage your time and your projects effectively. So, why is it important to obtain the Cisco CCNA certificate? This post enumerates five reasons that should make you consider earning it.


Networking is the field that should be embraced by any professional who cares about the future of his/her career. It keeps advancing and with the need for more specialists to provide the services that are growing in demand, this can be the only best decision to make. So, why should you get the Cisco CCNA badge? Let’s find out!


1. Skill validation

The primary purpose of any ITcredential is to validate your skills. Cisco CCNA covers critical areas of technology at the Associate level. They include network fundamentals and access, IP connectivity and services, security fundamentals, as well as automation with programmability. The only way to validate your skills in these domains is through the 200-301 CCNA test, which carries about 100 questions and costs $300.It is a 2-hour exam that you can take in Japanese or English. Your excellent performance in this prerequisite test can be performed through proper preparation. The learning process that includes training courses, exam dumps, and practice tests helps you embrace these areasand get ready for your job with new skills. Earning the badge means that you already have these skills!


2. Credibility

With the validation of your skills in networking fundamentals, you will appear credible. It shows that you know your work and can take care of your tasks with distinguishable efficiency. Your peers, employers, and customers will view you as someone who is competent and someone they can trust.


3. Career growth

With the ability to take more responsibilities and show your worth, you will be trusted more by your potential employers as well as those you are already working with. Thismeans that there is a possibility of making your career grow since you will work and achieve your goals. There is also a chance that the CCNA badge makes you a potential candidate for promotions.


4. Advanced expertise

With newly added skills, you can get into varied areas of technology. They enhance your strengths and help you discover other interests. The Cisco CCNA credential is necessary forgaining one’s basic skills for networking, so if you want to go beyond this, you can always go for certificates of the Professional level. This will enhance your versatility even further.


5. Better salary

The Cisco CCNA certification goes beyond a good paycheck. However, as you advance, more money is likely to flow. And this is a nice goal to have. This associate-level credential means better pay compared with when you did not have any. As revealed by PayScale, the yearly salary of a networking professional with the CCNA badge is $78,578 on average.


Final words

Having a Cisco certification such as CCNA indicates knowledge, skills, credibility, confidence, value, versatility, and opportunity among other benefits. The digital era dares you to ensure you are keeping up with technology. And since innovation is now a normal happening in the technology world, including networking, it would become difficult for anyone without a credential to thrive. Make it your responsibility to earn the badge and continue the journey of advancing your skills!