WWE 2K19: Epic Ways to Cheat

WWE 2K19

Don’t you just hate those days when you are so tired of being a “Jabroni” and losing all the time? Sometimes you need that little extra push to get you where you want to be. You want to lace up those boots and walk down that ramp like you’re the million dollar man, without a shred of a doubt that you’re the big dog, you’re the champ, and you’re at the top of the food chain! Here’s a guide for WWE 2k19 that will help you become that number one champion with all the trophies everyone loves and admires.


Choose your trophy type

There are many different Trophy types in the game that you could achieve. Whether it’s a MyCAREER trophy, a trophy for delivering certain moves on your opponent or even earning the Tutorial archives, the list goes on and on. One way to play is by following wwe 2k19 cheats as it’s your best ticket to the easiest trophy collection ever! And remember,most of these codes need your PLAY mode to be against AI for it to work.

Winning that match with ease

As the rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin would say: “It’s put up or shut up time.” But maybe you just don’t have what it takes to do it; sometimes you just want to get it over with ease. Whatever your reason is, you’ll be still able to enjoy playing the game at the end of the day. Below you will find the name of the wrestler you want to win the match with on the left and the cheat code to achieve a certain trophy on the right:

Win a match as Adam Cole : Bay Bay

Win a match as Kyle O’Reilly : Being part of The Undisputed ERA

Win a match as Pete Dunne : Bruiserweight

Win a match as Andrade “Cien” Almas : He’s 100

Win a match using a custom Superstar with Block Body: New Superstars on the Block

Winning that match with style

You can show off and let everyone see those cool trophies you have achieved with these cool cheats below:

Win a Steel Cage match Escaping through the door: Never look back

Win a match with your opponent’s Finisher: Imposter

Win a match with CEL SHADING on: Jet Set member

Win a match via a possum pin: Playing Possum

Win a title match by cashing in your custom MITB: Cash Me Out

Is that the best you got?

Deliver some of the coolest moves on your opponent with these winning moves and their codes. As legendary The Rock would say, “Check them directly into the SmackDown hotel!”

Slam your opponent through the top of the cell By Gawd!

As Braun Strowman, slam Big Show through the Steel Cage wall Cage Renovation

Give your opponent a Low Blow Ding!

Deliver a maxed out Charged Fury strike Knockout Blow

Put your opponent through the hell in the cell wall Think outside the box

Get it done

Sometimes you just want to reap the rewards with no sweat. These are some of the codes that you could use to achieve these trophies:

Clear chapter 1 BCW’S BEST

Clear chapter 4 This is my house now

Clear all matches YES! YES! YES!

Earn 80% of your Tutorial Archives The more you know

Earn and unlock every Trophy All Trophies Earned

The world is yours in the WWE universe; you can choose who you want to be and how to do it. Strut your stuff, enjoy these amazing trophies, and there are many more awaiting for you to achieve. You don’t need to pay your dues in your world; just sit back and relax and become the ultimate WWE Champion!